New Poetry Book Published

E.B. Littlehill (Ellen Bedrosian)
Publishes First Poetry Collection

I’m delighted to announce that my first book of poetry is available for preorder. If you received a postcard in the mail, this will give a little more detail about the book.

See the Dragons ~ A Collection of Zen Haiku explores three types of love: romantic, unrequited and spiritual, within the context of expanded awareness through a daily meditation practice.

To read the reviews and for ordering information, visit Finishing Line Press. Number of copies printed in the initial pressrun will be determined by the amount of prepublication sales received by June 9. If you already ordered a copy, THANK YOU!

Included in the Spiritual Love section is the zen haiku, “Awareness,” which won Special Category Award: Haiku in the Spirit First 2016 Meditation Poetry Contest

I am awareness
Secrets of the universe
Are all inside me


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