Amazon Storywriter – Important Announcement

Later this year, Amazon users will no longer be able to download the Storywriter Offline App. Beginning early 2018, the app will no longer open or be useable on Windows, Mac, or Linux computers.

The Good News

Storywriter will still be available online at, and the Storywriter Chrome App will continue to be available on computers running Chrome OS (also known as Chromebooks).

Important Next Steps

In order to avoid losing your work, you must sync each script:
Click on the Amazon Storywriter logo in the top left corner
On the right side of each script, click the blue sync button
When the green checkmark appears next to each script, success!
To keep using Storywriter offline, Amazon recommends one of the Chromebooks available at


If you have any questions or problems syncing your scripts, please contact Amazon at

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