Why Not?

by Ronald Douglas Bascombe

There is an old adage, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” It means that you can’t be successful if you never take risks. It’s a lesson that we have known since we were babies. Back then, we didn’t understand not trying to do something. Anything that we saw that could be done, we believed that we could do it too. And we tried till we did. We tried until we found our special way of turning over in our cribs and discovering to crawl and, eventually, how to stand and walk our own way. We didn’t believe that it couldn’t be done and we tried until we did, trying different approaches until we did. Sometimes, some of our attempts might have been painful but, inherently, we seemed to understand no pain, no gain. It was part of the package. Without anyone telling us, we understood that the better part of success is failure. But failing didn’t mean stopping. And we would not stop, especially when we believed that success could be one step away. Despite all of our failing attempts, our success could be one step away. So, I ask you to challenge yourself with the question “Why not?” and to come at that goal one more time and one more yet if it needs, changing something a little to get a different result. Success already is in your DNA. Step up to the moment.

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