Martha Moffett Wins National Writing Competition

Write Group’s Martha Moffett has done us proud. No, it’s not only her deviled eggs, which will be on culinary display at this Sunday’s Open Mic at the Montclair Library Auditorium from 2-4 pm. Nor is it our expectation of her reading a wonderful short story among our dozen readers at said Sunday Open Mic. No, it is her breaking out from her Rejection Club–you’ll have to ask her!–to win first place in this national writing competition. Come celebrate our Martha and other writers on Sunday! Here’s the announcement:

Novella Winners in Faulkner-Wisdom Competition selected by Stewart O’Nan

We are writing to inform you that the excellent fiction writer, author of 20 books, Stewart O’Nan has selected his winner and runner-up from the Short List for Novella submitted to him by the Faulkner Society. …We wanted to let you know the results now so that you can make your plans to attend Words & Music in December in New Orleans. The winner is our guest for all events of the festival, and we pay up to $500 for roundtrip airfare, as well as three nights at the festival venue, Hotel Monteleone.

We offer our most sincere congratulations to the winner and runner-up and to all, who placed on the Short List:

“Loeffler” – Martha Moffett, Bloomfield, NJ

Freedom of Movement, William Torrey, Clayton, DE

Babe, Patrick T. Reardon, Chicago, IL
Eagle Beach, Jim Fairhall, Chicago, IL
Drowning Freestyle, Crystal Carey, Tulsa, OK
Freedom of Movement, William Torrey, Clayton, DE
Locked Away, Yoruba Baltrip, New Orleans, LA
My Father’s Lies, Ray Else, Garland, TX
Swan Song, C. Robert Holloway, New Orleans, LA
The Length of a Yard, John Vanderslice, Conway, AR
The Man in the Trees, Rachel Joseph, San Antonio, TX
The Match, Jade Rothman, New York, NY
The Odd Sea, Petra Perkins, Highlands Ranch, CO
The Simple Life, William Coles, Salt Lake City, UT

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