Writing Dangerously

by Bing Chang

A chance encounter of this catchy title, “Write Dangerously” of Karin’s blog whetted my curiosity to start poking into it. I immediately smelled and tasted the depth and intensity of this repository of information. While struggling in learning both English and poetry, and while my knowledge being bordered largely on ignorance, I feel lucky to have found a place to mine inspiring thoughts. My lack of language ability does not dampen images in me, nor does it stifle my yearning to express myself. “Writing Dangerously” galvanizes the journey of my mind exploration into areas beyond boundaries. My inklings takes shapes. My sketches are colored; shreds connected; quick observations solidified; glimmerings brightened, but most of all, those elusive moments of insight can stand to challenge vulnerability. “Write Dangerously” motivates me to “write on” as Karin always says. May I share a piece of my inner picture while traveling in Australia:

Remembering The Outback Campfire

Bing Chang – 3/20/2017

Cheerful Aussie guys, outback campfire, bread from hot rocks and meat pie

The vast land expanse dwarfed the merry party under the twinkling sky.

The melancholy air from guitar strings sank into the subdued weeping cry.

The darkness swallowed the flickering fire.

The eternal silence multiplied, and the wood cracking was pacified.

A sense of turning loose echoing from the far horizons was deeply mystified.

My thoughts flew high, and my fancies were not shy.

The solitude and peace overtook my mind, and a divine revelation edify.

My soul swathed in outback’s splendors was purified!

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