Sculpting A Poem

by Bing Chang

Writing advice or tips abound regarding the craft of writing. But, the rare occasion when an “aha” moment breaks through a new level of realization in me marks an indelible impact on my writing practice.

Richard Serra, the well-known sculptor, once explained the ideas behind his artistic work. In fact, he expounded what art is about. He advised that the viewer of his work should not decipher his intention or why he made his piece. The important focus is to feel his piece with a sensation which leads to the viewer’s own private experience.

I write poems, and I think poetry is art. Richard Serra inspired me to extrapolate his treatment of artwork into poetry. So I can paint my inner thoughts with words and breathe spirit in-between lines. I hope the exhibition of some ideas from my own experience can connect with other people’s experiences in the spiritual level and resonate with them.

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