Video Meeting: Just What is Your Writer’s Platform?

Just What is Your Writer’s Platform? With Ethel Lee-Miller
Video meeting – Wednesday Nov. 14 at 7:00 PM EDT 4:00 PM MST
(Postponed from Wednesday Sept. 12)

It’s no mystery that for literary success today, it’s more than the elevator pitch, interviews, and static listings for your book.

You need to know who you are (your platform’s foundation), what you offer your readers (your services), and they have to know you, maybe in person, and via a current online presence and *social media outlets, (the delivery method for your platform, aka Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

Join Ethel Lee-Miller, speaker, author and writing coach, for practical tips and researched ideas on what and how to use social media, and still have time to do what you love – Write. Or hike, or read, or sky dive, or just “be.”

Just What is Your Writer’s Platform?- Video Meeting

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