The beginnings of the Write Group are lost in the mists of the past and go all the way back into the last millennium. The legends say that in the beginning, a small band of plucky writers gathered in the Montclair Library to form a support group and to comment on each other’s work.

From this humble start, the Write Group grew. And grew. And grew. Today, it has over four hundred members. Every week, these members get an email that lists the activities scheduled for that coming week. These activities may include poetry meetings, support group meetings, memoir meetings, novel writing meetings, one-act plays and a host of other activities. The total activities each month often exceed thirty.

As the membership grew, naturally, some members moved out of the area and out of the state and even out the country. These vagabonds stay in touch with the group and sometimes join a meeting via Skype.

The odd thing about the Write Group is this: there is no one in charge! There is no president or board of directors, or even dues. It just functions really well through the efforts of volunteers such as the eighteen Write Group members who worked on the Sampler and whose efforts made it possible.