FAQs (Stands for: Frequently Asked Questions)

Q-Why do we need a website? We’re doing fine without one.

A-A website opens up entirely new vistas for the members. Most of our events take place during the day, and many members can’t attend because of work, childcare etc. The website makes it possible for more members to participate in new types of events. The website will also provide a repository for information that would be difficult to disseminate in print. See the Important Links page for an example.

Q-Will the blog be open for Write Group members to post stuff?

A-No, the blog will not be a substitute for social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. To post a blog post, you’ll have to contact the blog post editor, who will make a decision to post your stuff or not. Administrative control is necessary to keep the blog from degenerating into chaos and also to prevent the website from exhausting its server memory allocation. The website has a limited amount of memory available and, if members load graphics, audio tracks and video clips onto an open blog, the site will exhaust its memory in a short time. Hence the gatekeeper function.

Q-What’s the purpose of the survey?

A-The website wants it to reflect the needs and desires of the Write Group members. To achieve that goal, we have to know what the members want to see on the website. Without survey answers, the website team will be merely guessing.

Q-Are inter-terrestrial aliens welcome in the Write Group?

A-At the present time, the Write Group has no inter-terrestrial alien members (that we know of). If any show up, their membership status will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Q-How much does the Write Group charge to join up?

A-The Write Group is completely free.