General Instructions

Montclair Write Group General Instructions

(a) General:

If you visit the site (i.e. type “” into the browser bar), you can look at the pages on the website. Some areas, like the Forum, are restricted in that you can’t do anything in the forum (except read) unless you register with the website.  To use the Forum, you must register by setting up a user name and a password that is unique to you.

(b) Blog Posts:

Blog posts are a means to spread news about our members and to offer articles of interest. If you’ve sold something or have an acceptance or have a piece published, the blog is the place to tell the Write Group about it.

All members can post on the Write Group web site’s blog.  This includes articles, news, extracts, etc.  No religious, political or porn postings allowed.   Maximum word count 2,000 words.

The Montclair Write Group site will publish a post on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Your submission will be posted in the next available slot.

The only exception to the Tuesday and Friday rule will be for announcements with time-sensitive material, such as a contest with a due date.

Send your submission to the blog post editor, Lewis Brett Smiler, via email at

(c) Forums:

The forums are a place where members can ask questions about a variety of writing topics, and where other members can answer the questions or offer advice. Any time you attempt to reply or post on the Forum, you will be asked to log in or register (by a blue banner in the upper right).  Register on your first visit and log in on subsequent ones.

(d) Book Store:

The book store displays books written by members of the Montclair Write Group. If a visitor clicks on the link in the descriptive material, they will be taken to a web page with more information, where the visitor can buy a copy of the book.  Typically, this will be the Amazon product page.

(e) Lecture Hall:

In the lecture hall, (coming soon), members can attend and/or participate in lectures and talks given by other members or guests of the website. The Lecture Hall is a restricted area, and only members will be able to register for and participate in these events.