Montclair Write Group Website Survey

The survey is now live. Please go the survey site and fill it out.  It will take you less that two minutes

Survey results (as of 1/26/17 7:30AM) 25 responses

General questions

 Do you think having a website is a good idea?



A what?-0

What do you think its primary purpose should be? (check as many as relevant)

Member communication-20

Virtual access to Write Group events, such as training/ and lectures-17

Asking members for writing resources etc-18

Learning more about Write Group offerings-19

Expanding membership-14

Member Promotion-16

Accessing resources relevant to writing-19

Other (if you choose this option, please explain why in the field below)-3

Should website memberships access be open to anyone?

Yes (members can come from anywhere in the galaxy)-7

No (only existing members should have access)-0

Both (website is viewable by all, but contains members-only features)-18


Would a blog feature on the website be of interest to you?

I’d be very interested-6

I might be interested-15

I wouldn’t be interested-4

Say what?-0

If you’re interested in seeing a blog on our site, what would you hope to see on it? Check all that apply.

Write Group news-12

articles about the craft of writing-16

articles about publishing-16

articles about marketing and promotion-12

Write Group event recaps-11

Announcements about member successes-17

Other (if you choose this option, please explain why in the field below)-4

Writing questions

What type of writing are you primarily interested in?





Forum questions

Are you in favor of having a forum, a place where members can ask questions and (hopefully) get answers?

Yes (good idea)-16

No (why bother?)-0

Maybe (I don’t know how to use a forum)-9

What topics should the Forum cover? (check as many as relevant)


Book marketing-15



Non-fiction (other than memoir)-15


General discussion about writing-17

Other (if other, explain why in field below)-3

Lecture questions

Should the website offer online talks/lectures that members can attend?



You can do that?-8

What lecture topics would be of interest to you? (check as many as relevant)


Book marketing-13

Fiction writing-12

Memoir writing-10

Other forms of non-fiction writing-8

Poetry writing-9

General writing-12

Other (please identify in the field below)-2

Do you have any thoughts you’d like to add about the prospect of having a Write Group website?

*Helping focus on the Write Group’s mission as a support group for writers.

*You should let all members have access. on the facebook page, only the chosen few are alllowed to post, and that’s very selfish and egomaniacal.

*Great idea! You might also have a section on writing prompts for those days when people want to write, but feel stuck. Thanks!!

*I think it would be a great way to expand our current update, and be more accessible and friendly to writers everywhere.

*Keep it simple at first. Start small and expand gradually.

*Invite publishers to address potential writers.

*I think it would be a great idea–the website

*Carl’s updates could be on the website, and members could receive am email when he writes one. All the information in the update also could be on the website.

*Actually i like the current mailing that Carl does, unsure about adding complexity beyond.

*1. One of those photos could be labeled “Writing Workshop.” 2. I like to use “Web site” but won’t insist. I use the style manual the editors of Wired put together at the beginning of the digital age. Web stands for World Wide Web, which is a proprietary term. I also feel it honors Tim Berners-Lee, who conceived it and then made it available free to everyone on the face of the earth.

*No. Thanks for asking.

*We would need vigilance in keeping it updated

* Thanks to all who work on behalf of the Write Group! I appreciate it.

* Great idea! Since membership is free and members are now spread out, I like the idea of it being an open web site to all in the galaxy. Joining can be as simple as signing up on the mailing list. At least for starters.

*You could use a logo.

*Membership Directory, Original thoughts and encouragement for the day similar to Karin’s wonderful blog. I’m still thinking though!!!

*The Montclair Write Group has always given a variety of well run group sessions, and I agree that it is a good idea to evolve and utilize the benefits of the web since some, like myself, have left the area and would like to continue the literary conversation in an even tempered and polite environment where disagreements are a dialogue of diverse opinions not a routine internet diatribe. The MWG has that temperament. Looking forward to more MWG quality.