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Stephanie Auteri

Steph Auteri is a journalist who has written for the Atlantic, the Guardian, Pacific Standard, VICE, and other publications. Her more literary work has appeared in Poets & Writers, Creative Nonfiction, Under the Gum Tree, and elsewhere. She is the author of A Dirty Word and the founder of Guerrilla Sex Ed.



Elaine Durbach

Elaine Durbach, a Write Group member since 2015, was a journalist for 40 years before starting to write fiction. Since switching, she has written four novels. In 2019, she self-published a love story, Roundabout, and she has just finished a sequel, LAF – Life after Felix. She is also the author of two non-fiction books, both published traditionally. 

Elaine came to the US in 1978 on a World Press Fellowship, and has lived in Maplewood with her husband and son since 1997.  Her work draws on her background – growing up in Southern Africa, and her years in New York and New Jersey, focusing always on connection and perception.

She has won a number of journalism awards in both countries, most recently from the New Jersey Press Association. In non-writing time, she edits for other writers, draws portraits, takes photographs, makes jewelry, and organizes speakers for the Ethical Culture Society of Essex County. 


Ed Charlton

Ed Charlton grew up in England. After many years toiling in corporate data systems, he followed his true calling: books and writing. 
Since 2005, Ed has supplied services to indie authors through his company Scribbulations LLC and writes constantly.

In 1963, Ed was part of the original target demographic for Doctor Who, long before society realized the effect of sci-fi on the young. As an adult, he has a reputation for asking, in the middle of long BBC dramas, “When do the aliens land?”

He is a member of the Science Fiction Association of Bergen County, NJ, and the founder of The Write Group: Kennett Square.

Ed writes science fiction in the classic mold-with humor and intelligence.

More about Ed can be found at

Suzanne Grossman

The field of children’s literature has changed dramatically throughout the years. The introduction and integration of technology into our every waking moment has changed the way our youngest generations interact with the world. Dramatic events in our society have changed the way we live and view our reality. And yet, underlying it all is the fundamental nature of children to see their lives through the filter of imagination.

The moment when a child enters a story, experiences life as a character does and walks through the setting the author has created is magical. In my work I aim to enhance children’s literature as a positive force in the lives of our youngest readers.

Happy reading and writing!

Nancy Taiani

Nancy-Jo Taiani is a writer and representational artist, concentrating on the natural world and portraits. She has written and illustrated four children’s books, MishMish: Spy Cat, A Night of Power: A Ramadan Story, Groundhog Morn, and The Mushroom’s Other Hat, all available through and



Sarajane Giere

An artist and retired teacher, Sarajane Giere has shown her paintings in the Hamptons, and has published personal essays and two memoirs, The Melody Lingers On, and her latest, My Pilot: A Story of War, Love and ALS. Sarajane moved from Long Island to West Caldwell, NJ, seven years ago and finds the Montclair’s Write Group a welcome source of support and encouragement.

You can visit her website at:

Mark Lance

For forty years, prior to, during and since writing The Weber House, I’ve been a labor reporter for socialist newspapers. I filed highly partisan stories from picket lines across the country including those of striking sailors and subway workers in New York, auto workers in Detroit and under gunfire in a coal miners’ foxhole in Kentucky. The Weber House, a challenging (I think) YA novel is my first. I’m currently working on an adult novel about a year of political upheaval, racist violence and working class rebellion: 1877.

Virginia Cornue

Virginia Cornue, Ph.D. is an author, activist, actor, professor and cultural anthropologist. She served as Executive Director of the National Organization for Women-New York City, where she lobbied and organized mass marches on Washington and in NYC for passage of the Equal Rights Amendment and Roe V. Wade.  She’s headed the New York City Women’s Funding Coalition, as well as Newark Emergency Services for Families in Newark, NJ. She is an active member of SAG-AFTRA. Her doctoral research was conducted in Beijing, PRC.

Cornue is the author of The Dragon’s Daughters Return (2007) and Draw on Culture: China (2009).  She and Linda Lombri co-author the Sandra Troux Mysteries series, under the pen name Crystal Sharpe: The Mystery of the Ming Connection (2011) Book 2 Masquerade on the Net (2013).  Book 3 Secrets at Abbott House came out in 2015. Her history, So Much Blood: the Civil War Letters of CSA Private William Wallace Beard 1861-1865 was published in 2015.  A stand alone novel, Mama’s Girl is readying for publication. Theft of History is the first book in a new middle grade adventure, mystery, history series. She is researching a Civil War era novel, A Secret Upcountry and completing her memoir, (un)Muted.  Since 2012, Cornue has taught Sociology part time at Bloomfield College, Bloomfield, NJ. Her daughter teaches special education in Boston. Cornue lives in Montclair, NJ.

Raphael Badagliacca

 Raphael Badagliacca is the author of two published books:  Fathers Day: Encounters with Everyday Life, a collection of 61 stories about his experience as the father of three children and The Yogi Poems and Other Celebrations of Local Baseball, an homage to the game played at every level – from little league to the major leagues – and to Yogi, one of America’s most colorful characters.    

He has had fifteen short plays produced in NYC, including the recent “I Witness” – which captures the voices of frontline healthcare workers.  He has written and performed hundreds of monologues in different venues.  

He writes in many genres: poetry, short stories, essays, monologues, plays, book reviews, movie reviews, theater reviews; he has developed a specialty and passion for ekphrasis – the age-old practice of writing to works of art. 

He does voiceovers professionally and performs his own work and that of others, virtually and before live audiences.

He translated the Italian and Sicilian into English Subtitles for the film, “Many Beautiful Things” (“Tanti Beddi Cosi’) which can be seen on Amazon Prime.  It is the story of actor Vincent Schiavelli’s return to Polizzi, the Sicilian town of his grandfather, which happens to be where Raphael’s four grandparents emigrated from.        

His extensive business and promotional writings can be found at The Writing Factory (, where he has helped many companies and individuals reach their goals through the artful use of words.  The company tagline is We Write in Your Voice.  He is the winner of three Telly Awards, the highest recognition for a commercial video.      

He is a Montclair resident.  Reach him at   

Catherine Greenfeder

Catherine enjoys researching and writing about what she discovers. Her interest in angels, ghosts, the American West, and reincarnation led to her writing five romance novels. A guardian angel protects and guides the heroine in Angels Among Us, by helping her to discover clues to a murder involving her family. Wildflowers, a historical western, features a feisty young minister’s daughter and a hot-blooded, handsome, and courageous trail guide. While seeking to solve a smuggling operation and murder crime in Mexico City, soul mates meet again and rekindle their desires in Sacred Fires. Hauntings in Ocean Grove, New Jersey featuring a  teenage ghost hunter and her amorous sidekick become the YA books A Kiss Out of Time and A Dance Out of Time

You can learn more about Catherine Greenfeder from her blog

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Hank Quense

Hank Quense writes satirical fantasy and sci-fi. Early in his writing career, he was strongly influenced by two authors: Douglas Adams and his Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and Joseph Heller’s Catch-22. Happily, Hank has never quite recovered from those experiences.

He lives with his wife in northern New Jersey, a mere 20 miles from Manhattan, the center of the galaxy (according to those who live in Manhattan). They have two daughters and five grandchildren all of whom live nearby.

Donna O’Donnell Figurski

Donna O’Donnell Figurski is the three-time award-winning author of Prisoners without Bars: A Caregiver’s Tale. Her memoir shares her angst at almost losing her husband, David, three times to brain surgeries, her joy at his defying the odds, and her life as his forever-caregiver. You’re guaranteed to laugh, cry, and G-A-S-P!


writes a two-time award-winning blog at
    hosts a radio show, Another Fork in the Road, at

   writes articles about brain injury and caregiving for both online and print magazines
   is a speaker for brain injury and caregiving.                                                                                              

  has read thousands of picture books to her first- and third-grade students.
  has been a children’s picture-book reviewer
  has published four children’s stories with Scholastic

  loves children’s picture books and owns more than 2,500
  is a member of three picture-book critique groups
  is a two-time graduate of Children’s Book Academy
  is a learner with Storyteller Academy
is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI)

Donna now lives in the desert with eight quirky children’s picture-book manuscripts awaiting publication. She is also working on two adult non-fiction books. Her completed manuscript on teaching and her classroom is being edited, and she is currently working on a second book about brain injury with a co-author who is also a survivor. But she is happy to admit that, even after her move to the desert, she has remained an ardent and active member of the Montclair Write Group.