Fiction Books

This page lists fiction books written by the authors working on this event.

The King Who Disappeared

by Hank Quense


Even after 300 years, Bohan finds he can still get revenge!

A fantasy adventure filled with political satire.

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By Elaine Durbach

 A story of old love and new courage

When Felix dies suddenly in the middle of the night, Sally faces not just the loss but all kinds of questions about love and relationship. She is angry with Felix for abandoning her. To heal, she needs to understand what brought them together almost five decades earlier, and what kept them apart until the last few precious years.

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The Weber House

By Mark Lance

Two eighth-grade girls in Elk River, Maine team up to find a pirate’s treasure. They embark on a search that puts math and science lessons to work in centuries-old tunnels and on the Atlantic Ocean. But this is no game. Someone else, armed not with theorems but rather an assassin’s knife, is watching their every move. The girls think they are hunters. In fact, they are the prey.

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Beauty Rising: Episodes 1 – 4 of Jim Able Offworld

By Ed Charlton

For the first time, the people of Turcanis Major V-I are traveling out to meet their neighbors—or are they?

Jim Able, a small cog in Earth’s bureaucratic machine, is tasked with finding out.
No one could have known how delicate, how difficult, or how dangerous this mission would be.
Is Jim the man for the job?
How many will die while he finds out?



Uncle Teddy’s Memoir

By Ed Charlton

“I write at a distance, of course. How far? How far?”
Teddy’s tales of a cruel alien empire and the city of Aleronde plunge two friends into a mystery.
By sending his Uncle Teddy’s memoir to publisher Curt Bookman, Theo Kingman stirs up puzzling memories—memories Curt has shared with no one.
Can Aleronde be real? If so, Earth is in danger from its massive space fleet.
Can Curt acknowledge the past and save Earth’s future?

Letters, emails, and office notes surround the pages of Uncle Teddy’s manuscript to build a tale of empire, slavery, and betrayal in this first book of The Aleronde Trilogy.
The trilogy continues with Saint John’s Ambulatory and concludes in Aleronde the Great.

The Yogi Poems and Other Celebrations of Local Baseball

by Raphael Badagliacca

This book of 25 stories and poems is for anyone who loves baseball at any level – from the major leagues to high school to little league – or softball played with passion by people of all ages. It’s also a celebration of Yogi Berra and his legendary contribution to the sport and the nation.
Above all, this is a book about the greatest game ever invented told through the experiences and emotions of its fans and players.
A great gift for anyone who loves baseball.





Angels Among us

Cathy Greenfeder

Some things even a clever artist and psychic can’t know. When Kay Lassiter returned to New Jersey to make peace with her past, she didn’t count on meeting her guardian angel. He leads her in the investigation of her parents’ death. Along the way, Kay learns that she can love again and that despite the problems in the world, there are angels among us.






Cathy Greenfeder

Johanna Wade left her native Boston for Missouri to join her father’s missionary party going to Oregon in 1848. She didn’t count on meeting the rough-hewn, handsome, and courageous trail guide Ryan Majors. Danger and passion await Ryan and Johanna as they struggle with their pasts, work toward their future, and become converts to love.




Falstaff’s Big Gamble

By Hank Quense

This adventure is Shakespeare’s Worst Nightmare.

You don’t have to know anything about Shakespeare to enjoy this fantasy comedy. Hamlet is now a dwarf, Othello is a dark elf and Falstaff is a human. If that isn’t bad enough, these two tragedies are now comedies with Falstaff, Shakespeare’s most popular rogue, thrown in as a bonus. Both Hamlet and Othello are plagued by the scheming Falstaff, a human.





Secrets at Abbott House

Pen name Crystal Sharpe (Virginia Cornue, PhD and Linda Lombri)

The third book in the Sandra Troux Mysteries series, Secrets at Abbott House is a time shifting mytery of betrayal, espionage, and slavery – past and present. Silver sheroes Sandra Troux, Bobbi Power and Lizbet Sheridan “ride” the historic Underground Railroad. They rip away cover ups revealing clues linking current corporate crimes to century-old secrets of sex, love, rape, and murder. The trio speeds through New Jersey and NYC to the Carolinas, Haiti and back – untangling an intricate web of contemporary fashion knockoffs and forced labor that mirrors Civil War era slavery. Set in two time periods, the present and the Antebelllum Civil War era, our three sheroes plunge into resolving a murderous and threatening enigma of corporate subterfuge on an international scale.