This page lists memoirs written by authors participating in this festival

My Pilot: A Story of War, Love and ALS

By Sarajane Giere
Sarajane Giere offers a uniquely intimate glimpse into the life of a military wife as she tells the story of her fighter pilot husband, Bernie, a Vietnam Veteran who flew 214 combat missions in the Vietnam War and served twenty-five years in the Air National Guard’s world-class 106th Rescue Wing.
With searing love and explicit honesty, she recounts the terror of the Vietnam years and the lifelong sacrifices that affected her pilot’s life and death. In the telling she honors her husband, their family, and their extended military family, the community she holds dear.



The Dragon’s  Daughter Return

By Virginia Cornu

Fall under the dragon’s spell as you journey back to China with questing daughters and their adoptive families in this warm-hearted, richly illustrated exploration of contemporary and historic China by adoptive parent and cultural anthropologist, Virginia Cornue who chronicles her story. Twenty one American families and their adopted daughters travel to the land that wove their destinies.


Father’s Day: Encounters with Everyday Life

by Raphael Badagliacca

It is impossible to read the first few pages of this book of 61 stories and not laugh out loud. It’s impossible to make it to the end without feeling tears well up. See the little things and big things that make up modern life through the eyes of a man who discovers what it means to be a father.
If you are a parent or a child, this book is for you.
A great Father’s Day gift.





Prisoners Without Bars

By Donna O’Donnell Figurski

Donna called 9-1-1. David slipped into a coma. At that moment, Donna was thrust onto the path of caregiver for her best friend and the love of her life. In her debut memoir, Donna shares how a neurosurgeon said that David would make a “great organ donor.

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