Non-fiction Books

This page lists non-fiction books written by the authors participating in this festival.

Creating Stories

by Hank Quense


Do you have a story in you?

Do you know how to write it or how to tell it?

Creating Stories has the answers.

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A Dirty Word

By Stephanie Auteri


A Dirty Word is a reported memoir about how I became a sex writer in order to fix what I saw as my own sexual dysfunction. Eventually, I learned I wasn’t broken and, in fact, it is the way our culture views female sexuality that is broken.

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How to Self-publish and Market a Book

by Hank Quense

Are you considering self-publishing your first book? Naturally, you have questions and concerns? This book has your answers. It integrates both the publishing and the marketing to provide you with a complete project plan to market your book while you publish it.





So Much Blood: The Civil War Letters of CSA Private William Wallace Beard 1861-1865

By Virginia Cornue
author Virginia Cornue PhD with historian William R. Trotter
Blurb: This history dramatically chronicles Confederate soldier Private William Wallace Beard’s experiences during the Civil War. “So Much Blood ” is framed around thirty-three letters (including an original furlough document) never before published, that William Beard wrote during the war to his parents and siblings back home in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. The book is rich with meticulous transcriptions of all thirty-three documents. It includes a selection of letter facsimiles; riveting battle descriptions; and family and Mecklenburg County history.