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22/02/2018 11:14 am  

Has anyone heard of or had any dealings with ? They approached me for one of my books, and I'm thinking of accepting. They will promote it for a year. They'd sell it at $5.99. I'd only get 25% of royalties, which isn't much, but since I'm not promoting my book at the moment and thus not getting any sales, I figure I don't have anything to lose. They seem legit from what I can find out.

Thanks !

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22/02/2018 7:28 pm  

IMHO, if a "publisher" contacts you, I'd ignore their email.  Legit publishers don't contact authors because they're up to their eyeballs in slush submissions. I just pasted their website name into my browser and got a 404 error.  Not a good sign.  Try googling their name and see what comes up.  What I found is a lot of negative stuff.  I'd recommend you delete their email.  If you do follow up, be very careful and don't commit any money for "premium" services.